Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mayas Week Review....

1st sippy cup try
Future Model??

Maya has graduated to a high chair and loves to sit in the kitchen with me while I am making dinner and keep me company. We have been working on drinking out of a cup..she does not like juice at all so we have went to just water. She has now started to crawl and is getting herself into some tight places looking for adventure. She keeps me on the move getting her out of those tight places. It is truly amazing to watch her grow...I think God every moment I look at my two girls! What a blessing!

I would also like to ask that you all pray for our good friend Jesse as he travels to Africa to surf. Hey..someone has to do it:) Also continue praying for Whitney and Jesse's friend Trish and her husband and new baby!

Love you all,


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jesse and whit... said...

i love how maya is straight chillin'. she is so darn cute. thanks for praying for jesse and tricia. jesse is actually not feeling well, so please keep praying.