Sunday, January 27, 2008

Our Sick Week

She really is having fun!
My poor sick girl:(
Maya modeling my 1st baby blanket attempt.
The Great White Hunter......
Can this baby get any cooler?

This week seems to have went on and on:) Torrie was out of school for 3 days last week for teacher workdays and 2 of those days she spent sick. She did a lot of laying around on the couch. We did get to go see a movie last Friday night. It was nice to have some girl time! She went ice skating Saturday with a group from church. I on the other had have also gotten sick and Maya has a cold as you can imagine it has not been fun and games at the Dalgo house.

On the bright side, Torrie started her chess club which she is really enjoying and Maya has started to splash around in the bathtub with her Elvis rubber duck that Ronnie's stepmom got her, she works at Graceland (how cool is that?). Ronnie continues to practice his mad bow skills in the hopes of one day going hunting...I can't believe it either! I continue my quest of finding a job....Will keep everyone posted on that. I also made a baby blanket for a friend of mine that had a baby on Friday! Not too bad for my first try! So if anyone wants a baby me:)

Until next time...We love you all!

The Dalgos

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kim diggs said...

hi guys! love your pics, poor torrie! and you did a wonderful job on your baby blanket, and maya looks comfy in it!! miss you guys and i hope you are all doing well!