Tuesday, February 5, 2008

What a Beautiful Day

Big Full Moon
"THE BOYS" Ronnie, Jesse and Brent
Torries Honor Roll
Maya and the girls.

Wow..it was a great day for a birthday! Thank you to everyone that sent cards, e-mails and gifts! I love you all. The weather was perfect today and me and Maya went on a walk to Torries school. Torrie had a science exhibit which was a lot of fun for us to go and watch.

Thank the lord that we are all feeling better this week. Torrie got her report card on Friday! She is on the honor roll once again! We are so very proud! Friday night we went bowling for a friends birthday. We had a blast but needless to say the Dalgos need to work on thier game. Sunday we went to church and Ronnie got to do some surfin with the boys. When he got home we went to the Diggs home to watch my team..THE GIANTS...win the Superbowl. Great game, food and fellowship!

Yesterday Maya sat up all by herself. She has not done it again..but I am sure I did not imagine it:) Torrie is trying out for the school talent show on Thursday. She will be singing Amazing Grace, Amazing Grace. Her daddy will be playing the guitar for her as well as one of her friends. So give her a ring and wish her good luck!

Have a great week!

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jesse and whit... said...

that pic of the moon is awesome! you are a great photographer... torrie is a genius. let us know when the show is so we can go watch. way-to-go GIANTS. i was so stoked for you :)