Monday, March 31, 2008

Maya's Dedication

We had Maya dedicated to the church on the 16 of March. It was a wonderful day with family there to stand up with us. We are dedicated to raising our girls in a Christian home and teaching them the love of God!

Ronnie's step mom and Ronnie's mom~Both Marys~~
The whole clan including our Pastor:
Winfield our pastor~~and of course my beautiful Maya!
Our family!

Friday, March 28, 2008


Maya has learned how to break Boo out of her crate! When Boo goes in for the night Maya slips over and undoes the bolts. It is very cute! She has stood up on her own 3 times this week, so I do believe it is only a matter of time until she is walking...then we are all in trouble:)

My morning baby!
Those eyes are still big and blue!
T the St. Paddy's Day parade! She had a blast!
Taking a bath at the "Little Fish" were Mary Ann stayed. The sink was perfect for a little one.

Torries Soccer Practice

Torrie has started playing soccer with the Parks and Rec here. She is very good. Let me tell you that coach of hers makes them I can't wait to see how she does on their first game.

She is a killer:)
The only 2 girls on the team!! And boy are they both good. Can you say GIRL POWER!!
Waiting for the boys to catch up!

Same picture, but I like it!

Afternoon at the Beach

We were blessed with great weather when Mary Ann was here. We were able to walk on the beach a few days which we really enjoyed.

Maya loves the sand!
This cat was just hanging out in a tree at one of the houses on the beach road. I love this picture.

The Elizabethan Gardens.

The BOOB Tree..:)
Me, Mary Ann and Maya spent a beautiful day at the Elizabethan Gardens. Even though all the flowers were not out it was gorgeous and we had a blast!

Elizabethan Gardens Cont.

These first 3 pictures are actually pictures I took of the flowers that we bought Ronnie's step-mom, Mary Ann! They were so pretty!

These are the start of the garden flowers: I cant wait to go back in June when everything is in bloom!

This is the coolest looking tree. The picture does not do it justice! But I like it!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


I just think this is one of the funnest pictures!This is her from Ronnies point of view outside. Oh and yes, she does love her mommy!
This one is a close second:

One of Mayas favorite things to do in the morning is to stand at the front door and watch her daddy and the dog outside. Another favorite thing to do during the day is to get herself into some tight places and wait for me to get her out:)


1st signs of spring:
Playing with my camera settings:

Monday was such a warm day that we spent some much needed time outside. I think God gave me a couple of warm days because he knew I was going a bit stir-crazy in the house! THANK YOU!!

Torrie and Maya

Torrie decided she wanted to try some new things with her hair. So I put them up in curlers that I had...she is doing a great modeling job here:
We couldn't find anything to hold them in so we left the curlers in for a while and took them out. She makes it all look like so much fun doesn't she!
Every morning me and Maya share some Cheerios and some good conversation.
Since she is a little too young for coffee..she has her juice! This is the first time she held her bottle. She has not wanted to do it again as hard as I try to get her to.Maya seems to have a new look...don't you love the lip!