Thursday, May 8, 2008

Torrie's School Project~ Goin Fishin!!

Last week Torrie had a school project due on how to teach someone to fish. She enlisted the help of our wonderful neighbor and local film guru Nic Mclean and his wife Jess. Together they made an awesome film for Torrie in which she received an A+. We are just so blessed to have these beautiful people in our lives that are willing to go out of their way to help Torrie. I will put up the video as soon as I can but here are some snap shots of the day. I would also like to thank Nicole for looking after Maya so I could help with holding the microphone for a moment.

Goin Fishin~Jess waiting for her lines:
Nic setting up:

What a great director Nic is:

I got to be in the action for a second:This was a chore for the girls, the wind was blowing and the canoe would not stay still for a second.
Nic directing the girls:
Jess is our hero. She took one for the team and fell into the cold water all for Torrie's film! How cool is she!!

Jess swimming to shore. Later Nic told us that Jess hates cold water. And that water is cold and yucky at times!

This picture didn't turn out too good because it was getting dark but it is our friend Brent with his baby guitar acting

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