Monday, June 30, 2008

Beach Day

The days have been really warm, however the water is another story. The girls braved it a few times but in the end decided to play in the sand. We have had fun walking on the beach and have found lots of sea glass this week.

They tried to make Maya into a mermaid but she wasn't having any part of it!
Torrie on the other hand likes to ham it up for the camera and loves the mermaid look.
Maya loves to get all sandy.

Alex did a great job on making Torrie into the mermaid that she is.

Jockeys Ridge

Our family friend Alex came to visit us for a few days this week. I have never been to Jockeys Ridge since moving here so I decided to take the girls. The wind was a little strong and the sand was blowing but we had a great time playing on the dunes. The girls more than me I am sure:) It is an awesome sight to see ! I believe it is the biggest sand dune on the east coast.

What a glorious sight this is.

This flag is not on the dunes of course but across the street. I love pirates so I dug this flag!
Such good friends and good girls!

Our footprints in the sand.
Torrie rolling down the hill. I think that Alex might have given it a second thought at the last minute.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

I have an amazing husband who is just as amazing at being a dad. Our girls adore him and he adores his girls. Ronnie had a pretty laid back day. Torrie is out of town but she sent him a great card and Maya delivered hers this morning. He got to have his Fathers day dinner and cheese cake and then his Fathers day nap!
We miss you Torrie~

Taking the goods to daddy.

Maya has great taste in purses. Is the catwalk in her future?

Maya Turns 1

Everyone had a great time at Grandmas house in Raleigh. My parents came from Lynchburg to hang out for the day, Grammy Joyce and Alex, Uncle Carlos, Frank and Cheryl and of course Grandma and Grandpa were all there for the festivities. Maya had a great time digging into her cake, she was very lady-like about it..not to messy! She got lots of cool gifts and lots of love.

Maya and her smash cake. The grown-ups had one of their own to dig into.

The cake was very good!

My mom and Maya.
Torrie loves her pawpa.

Grammy Joyce and Maya.
Grandma and her girls.
A nice spread. Thanks to Grammy Joyce and Grandma.
Maya and Grandpa having a discussion. I wonder if it is about her future as a Golfer?

Pretty Maya Flowers.
Her Lion from Nana.
All this for me?
Alex and Torrie.

Torrie Graduation from 5th Grade

Goodbye Elementary School~Hello Middle School. We were so proud of her and she looked beautiful!

The Principle and Asst Principle.
She looks like she is ready for college...:)

The whole 5th grade class. I can never get a good picture because of the lighting. I hope middle school will be better.
The flowers we gave Torrie.

Mrs. Davis, Torrie's wonderful homeroom teacher! I wish Torrie could take her to every grade!
Mr. Sakers, Torrie's Social Studies Teacher.
Mrs. Whitehurst, Torrie's Math Teacher.

Amy and Torrie.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Torries School Awards

This week has started off as somewhat of an emotional one for me. Two big milestones will be reached this week and next. Torrie will be graduating from elementary school and Maya will be celebrating her 1st Birthday. As you can imagine it will be a busy couple of weeks for me and the family. On Tue. Torrie had her school awards celebration. She received awards for participation in Chorus, Chess club and Wright Flight. ( a program where she pledged to do better in school and stay drug and alcohol free, in which she received a plane ride that she will be taking her pawpaw on…I am very jealous because secretly I wanted her to pick me for the plane ride:). She also received an award for maintaining honor roll the whole school year. Torrie is a great helper and the librarian at the school gave her a special medal and $10 gift certificate to Wal-Mart for helping put books back on the shelves the whole school year without being asked and sometimes even sacrificing her recess to do it. Now if I could just get her to clean her room like that we would be in business:). Today we will go to a Violin fitting; yes…We will be hearing the sweet screeching of the Violin next school year! We are so proud of Torrie and thank God for her and Maya everyday!!
5th Grade

Our Weekend

This weekend was beautiful so me and the girls went to the pool. The water was still a little too cold for me and Maya but Torrie and her friend Amy had a blast. Torrie wants to join the swim team in July when she gets home from seeing family. I think this will be an awesome club for her to join to increase her swimming skills. Maya is walking on her own now and just loves to hang out with the big girls~