Sunday, July 6, 2008


Over the 4Th, Ronnie's best friend Abe and his girlfriend Jessica came into town. We had a really great time hanging out together and it made me a little homesick I have to admit. The girls love their uncle Abe!

It got windy at the end of the day~

Daddy and his girls.

Could this be one of the reasons Torrie loves her Uncle Abe? Love this group of shots.

Yep, Just look at that smile!Abe, Maya and Jessica. Torrie has loved Abe since she was a baby so now he is working on the other one.

Abe and Jessica, I am sure that Abe is saying something smart:)Torrie and Abe kept texting each other even though they were sitting 2 ft from each other?? Oh the youngsters:)
This smile sums up the day! Lots of laughs and good times with good friends that we miss very much!

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Chris Jones said...

Hi Dalgo family, looking like fun there in the OBX. The kids are beautiful and nice hat on Uncle Abe ;)

Please tell Ron hello from Chris Jones in Raleigh, I'd love to see him sometime.