Wednesday, August 27, 2008


For Ronnie's 40Th Torrie and I decided to give him a little surprise. He said he didn't want anything big...but I knew he wasn't telling me the truth! He almost spoiled our plans by taking the day off of work but in the end we pulled it off! I made one of his favorite dinners and then the partying began!

I blindfolded him and rode around for a while so he would not know that we were just going right up the street and when we walked in, pulled off the blindfold...Jesse, Brent and Ronnie started rockin a song that they made up for the occasion. I tell ya..If Jesse ever wanted to change professions he would make a killer 80's metal cover band singer!
Torrie did all the decorating and the 1st couple of pictures of the surprise.

We had some yummy cake and a few other goodies!
Ronnie's mom and my mom made it possible to get the little extras that I got! Thanks to both!!
Our friends from the OBX! Corissa and her husband Noah and their daughter Jaida, Steve Head and I think that may be Winfield at the door.
Brent and Ronnie and Torrie hammin it up! I see Mr. Bob and little Maya in the background. Mr. Bob took over Maya duty for a while so I could roam about!
Winfield tried to lite the candles..but with all that fire we almost burnt the place down:)

This is cute little Burke. Maya loves playing with him.
Some of the signs we made for the occasion. Thanks to Billy Diggs, we had the party at the warehouse that he has and it was really nice and roomie. Also was really good when I had to hide everything!

Our neighbor Nick and Torrie. Torrie dished out all the goodies and was a great little hostess!
So the pictures are a little out of order......
I think Torrie may just be a hair prettier than our resident Surfer/Supermodel Jesse Hines:)

Dennis (Burke is his little boy), Dave and Jesse. Who Knows?

Maya joining in all the fun! The other Ronnie looking FAB-U-LOUS!

It was a wonderful time and I just want to thank everyone that came out to make Ronnie's birthday a memorable one. I didn't get to put up every picture of everyone that came but we had a great turn out with some great friends! I love you all for caring! 40 is a big deal whether you want it to be or not. But I am gonna skip mine thank you very much!:)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bethany's Baby Shower

This month is a month of many firsts for our family. Victoria, our niece will be going away to college, Our cousin Bethany his having her first baby, Ronnie's sister has become engaged and Torrie is heading into middle school..oh and Ronnie is turning 40. What a month!!

This is Victoria~We are so proud~Heading off to UNC Charlotte.

Victoria, Torrie, Bethany and Maya.
Bethany and Me. She looks great doesn't she!!
Miss Torrie stuffing her face with some yummy cheese fries.
The Happy Couple.
The cake was so good and too cute.
Maya and grandma. Maya had a ball. I think she may have tired out all of us..she was none stop the whole day.

She is having a boy. The first baby boy in the family!
I just love little boy's stuff. Makes me want...well I wont even go there right now:)
She got lots of nice stuff.

The grandmothers to be.
There is my little present!
This is the end result of the day. However it did not stay this peaceful. All I have to say is I will never wake this child up no matter how uncomfortable she may look.
We had a great time at Bethany's shower and can't wait for the new arrival in Oct.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Our Trip to VA

Last week the girls and I took a trip to VA. to visit family. Torrie has a passion for big old here is her truck that her papaw said she could have when she turns 16. She has a while to fix it up:) It is a sweet F150 4-wheel drive. So watch out everyone...2012 is coming up fast:)

This is my beautiful grandmother! I love this woman more than words could ever say. I have the best memories of her strawberry milk shakes and watching Hee Haw with her and my grandfather on Saturday nights. My sweet grandfather is no longer with us but my grandma is a ball of fire still!
Sweet Braylee is my nieces little girl. Her and Maya love each other and like to hug and play!
Isn't this a crowd!! This bunch of cuties are my sisters kids plus Torrie and Maya. They were hamming it up for the camera...Maya was wondering what in the world was going on.
This is my sister Tabitha. She is a great girl who is so strong. She has 5 kids, works full time and is going back to college full time! She is a wonderful wife and mother and I admire her strength and beauty!
This is my uncle Raymond. What a fun man he is. He loves his great nieces too!
I sat Maya in a tree at my uncle Raymond's house. I did have a hold of her you just cant see my hands! Did not want a trip to the hospital.
Out in my uncles work shop. He always makes something fun for Torrie when she is at his home.
The view of my Uncle Raymond and Aunt Mildred's back yard. All of this is their back yard! I have fond memories of playing here when I was a small child.

He is a master on the guitar!! This man can jam!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Their Loves

Maya loves, loves to play with her big sister!

She loves to read the Little Engine that Could!
She loves her puppy!!

She loves to give big hugs! She loves to rock with her daddy!
Torrie loves to make french toast for breakfast!
She loves to go to the pool and swim! (Torrie says this picture is entitled "The Creature from the Raleigh Lagoon"
She loves being silly with her girlfriends!
She loves to snorkel!

She loves the water!