Friday, October 17, 2008

Wave Watching

With some summer like days still around and waves picking up we head to the beach in the evening to watch the surfing and relax. This also gives me the opportunity to add to my collection of gorgeous sunsets and our beautiful children.

I love it when the sky and ocean turn the same color~
Look at that big full moon!

Watching daddy and the other surfers~

Ronnie catching a wave~
Maya is thinking "Buried in the sand AGAIN!!"

A motorized hang thank you:)
We saw one of the most amazing things that night at the beach. The waves were crashing and lighting up neon blue. It was sooo pretty! We all stood around going ohhhh and ahhhh.. If you click on this picture and make it bigger you should see what I am talking about! God is amazing!

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Michelle said...

Yes He is!