Thursday, December 18, 2008


A few random pictures:

It has been a while since I have updated the blog! I am slacking off~No not really....I have been so busy and lots of stuff has been going on~ Here is a little list and a feew pictures~Will do better at the beginning of the year.
Ok..Lets see.

Torrie~ Got all A's on her report card! We are very proud!
Had her first Violin concert~Sounded awesome for just 4 months of practice.

Maya~ Had her first little hair cut-Mom cut~ I would say I did a pretty good job!
Saying lots of great new words!
Ronnie~ Surfin and working
He and our friends Brent, Ronnie and Bradley played out their first show with band
Playing again Friday night

Me~ Being Mommy
Starting back to school in Jan to pursue Nursing degree.
Getting ready for Christmas

Family- Went to raleigh for Thanksgiving
Me and the girls went to Lynchburg to see my parents
Got a live tree for the first time in years
Went to see Santa in Medow NC ~our annual family event
~ Praying my father will come through his surgery with flying colors

That is it in about a nutshell. I am sure that I have left some stuff out but I am brain dead at the moment and very tired~ If I think of anything else I shall let you know:)