Monday, May 25, 2009

Strawberry Picking

Maya loves strawberries so we went and picked some on our own. She had a blast and so did Torrie and I!

They has a little pump well~

Maya got to carry the bucket

they were so good!

Relay for Life

Torrie and I did the relay for life with some friends from church. We raised over 1,000 dollars for the cause! We even camped out all night in our tent. What a great time!

The Green Monsters Flag
Maya even showed up and walked around the track a few times

I got this for my mom who is a cancer survivor!

The next morning...still with face paint on

They played movies all night so Torrie had a blast and stayed up late


The survivor walk

Some of our team:

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Our Silly Girls

Even though the girl are not close in age, they still like to play together every now and then! And they love to be silly!

Maya likes to "do" Torrie's hair

And make funny faces using poor Mr. Potato heads lips ~

I love these two so much!!

The Many Faces of Maya

The little one is almost 2 (June 11Th) ! Her vocabulary consists of a lot of NOs and her facial expressions are hilarious! She makes me laugh so hard..Just like her sister:)

Blowing Kisses

She can turn on the charm:

And here is where the NO comes into play:)

At the beach

Bright flash~

She loves raiding her sisters closet to find new head gear....

A mouth full of her favorite food: Goldfish