Monday, July 13, 2009


We have had a great summer so far, lots of friends and family have come to see us this month and we have enjoyed every minute of it~ So enjoy some random pictures of our July!

A nice lightning storm over the ocean! It was awesome!
We got lucky with this can see lightning striking the ocean....
Maya playing doctor on Torrie!

She loves to skateboard~
given the dog a much needed bath~also time to be silly:)

Alex and Torrie at the pool

Having fun at SoundBeach

I love to photograph my cat, Thorn! He is a handsome young man!

Playing in the sand

Friends since birth:)
Maya's first trip into the ocean this year..she does not like to be splashed in the face~The water was awesome this day..nice and warm

Daddy and Maya

No doubt having some serious girl talk~

Alex made Torrie into a mermaid~then had to help her out of her fin:)

Fireworks on the beach~

Me and my girls~

Maya Turns 2 Again.....

We went to Raleigh so Maya could party some more for her birthday! It was a great day with bubbles, good food, cake and the family!

She got a babydoll from grandma and grandpa and she loves to act like she is feeding it!
Finally one nice family photo where no one looks too crazy....
Maya loves cake! Good thing Grandma is smart and gets the coolwhip icing instead of the sugar icing:)