Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Our Summer

Its hard to believe that another summer is almost over and school will start in less than 2 weeks! i am excited to get back to my schooling...Torrie is not:) We have had some trials this summer, but we have also had many blessings too! My best friend since the 5th grade came with her family to visit for a week. We haven't seen each other for 7 years but we talk to each other every week and our kids got along so good! It broke my heart when she had to leave! We have had some nice visits from family. Ronnie's parents came and brought us some things from storage (their attic:) and helped us refinish some chairs and repair our deck and much more! Sometimes it takes someone else to get you motivated. Torrie got to go to a soccer camp in Raleigh, thanks to her Grammy Joyce. So after all of that, we are now getting ready for fall! So enjoy some pictures of our summer:

Grandma and Grandpa told Torrie she would have to ride home from Raleigh in the back of the truck...
Victoria and Maya

A wet and naked baby:) Terrorizing the cat

Playing in the baby pool

This is what happens when I send Maya to bed with a wet head:)

playing sisters Nintendo
A sweet moment

She really liked the baby pool!
Looks like they both did! Thanks Nana!

Torrie helping paint our cabinets. She is pretty good!

grandpa with Torrie, Elmo and the cat:)

She enjoys her PB&J

A rainbow over the ocean

1st sharks tooth I have found on the Outer banks!

My best friend Shelly and her family

Friends Forever!

I love this face:)
Shelly's son Jake and Maya
My pretty girl~
My Beautiful family
Shelly and her family

Torrie playing

Another rainbow