Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Bethany's Baby Shower

This month is a month of many firsts for our family. Victoria, our niece will be going away to college, Our cousin Bethany his having her first baby, Ronnie's sister has become engaged and Torrie is heading into middle school..oh and Ronnie is turning 40. What a month!!

This is Victoria~We are so proud~Heading off to UNC Charlotte.

Victoria, Torrie, Bethany and Maya.
Bethany and Me. She looks great doesn't she!!
Miss Torrie stuffing her face with some yummy cheese fries.
The Happy Couple.
The cake was so good and too cute.
Maya and grandma. Maya had a ball. I think she may have tired out all of us..she was none stop the whole day.

She is having a boy. The first baby boy in the family!
I just love little boy's stuff. Makes me want...well I wont even go there right now:)
She got lots of nice stuff.

The grandmothers to be.
There is my little present!
This is the end result of the day. However it did not stay this peaceful. All I have to say is I will never wake this child up no matter how uncomfortable she may look.
We had a great time at Bethany's shower and can't wait for the new arrival in Oct.

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